A game of zombie hunting in the world of Negromundheim

At the heart of the new-born Redneck state lies Fanboyville, a former unholy citadel of the Circle of New Mankind, the Veh-Deh-Med-led federation of filthy mutants defacing Negromundheim. The anniversary of the purge of the city by the Sons of the Swastika is celebrated all over the planet, and pilgrims come from all over to piss on the mutants' mass graves. Those pilgrims are the only people the local police lets in the city, for its soil is considered rotten and cursed, and neither Redneckland nor New Heldon will ever let it be populated again.

It seems however that suspicious (not to say utterly evil) activity has arisen again within the cursed enthrals of Fanboyville.

Such is the excuse we found to integrate "Versus" in our ongoing campaign - but all in all, we most of all wanted beer & pretzel silliness. Saying "Versus" is a horror game would be quite excessive. It's rather an excuse to collect and play the ludicrous heroes of those B-movies we love in stories even more stupid than the original ones.

If you too want to chew bubble-gum and kick arse, then read or download the rules of this Warengine "mod" - but remember : The fire of the dragon burns hot !


"Agnagneuh la cébéééééé !"

Zombies ate their husbands' brains - that was a mistake. The Avenging Widows hit the killing floor.

An Order of Saint Siegfried hit squad, pitiless zealots hunting the nameless horrors of Fanboyville in the name of New-Helder faith.

The NeoSov spy known as "the serpent", and his bodyguard of remote-controlled constructs. What is the Politburo seeking in Fanboyville ?

Sheriff Richard Ed Johnson Jr and his brigade of 3l33+ law-enforcing citizens, ready to crush Evil.

Dr. Stein and his clone-brother, always happy to test their latest funny creatures.

A bunch of ass-kicking, bubble-gum chewing civilians trapped by the local cult of Shub-Niggurath.

When the Super Master gets into the fray, the Fire of the Dragon burns real hot.


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