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Ghosts of Negromundheim
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Negromundheim, an apparently uninteresting planet perpetually torn by war, was named after a dark and very rare metal called Negromnium which can be found in large quantities in the planet’s soil.

Negromnium is notably used in the construction of faster than light space ships, or as an exceptionally valuable source of energy ; as such, it naturally used to be largely exploited by the Empire before the Great Cataclysm. As the meteor crashed deep into the planet, it contacted the underground layers of Negromnium in its mantle ; the violence of the crash and the extreme heat of the meteor caused a nuclear-chemical reaction and the release of a highly toxic mutagenic gas: Negrotonane. The Negrotonane surfaced through the mining galleries and first contaminated the miners, then a large part of the population as it was spread into the atmosphere, turning them into hideously deformed creatures of subhuman shape and intelligence, also known as the hydrocephalic zombies going "agnagneu la cébéééé" now federated by the infamous Veh Deh Merd – the capital of evil.

Busy recreating a society and fighting for survival in a world of savagery and barbarity for more than two centuries, the denizens of Negromundheim had nearly forgotten the existence of the metal that had brought them prosperity... and doom.

And then, the sinister ghost of Negromnium reappeared.

A new challenge came up for the nations of Negromundheim as a mine of Negromnium was accidentally rediscovered by a Star & Moon expedition seeking for page 666 of the Negronomicon in the South Eastern terra incognita.

The time came for the Empire and the various interstellar companies on Negromundheim to get the benefit of their settlement on those cursed lands, and for the local nations to reach a higher step in their development. Unfortunately, it was also the occasion for the foul-smelling abominations of Veh-deh-merd to get the raw material necessary to their ultimate purpose: the development of a Negrotonane production facility and the irreversible corruption of all True Mankind on the face of Negromundheim.

From all over Negromundheim, armies were once again on their way – whoever would lay their hands on the mine of Negromnium, another ecological disaster was bound to happen. Only the New Heldon-headed "New Dawn League" and a bunch of ecologist rebels led by a weirdo known as "Captain Negromundheim" seemed aware of the great danger ahead and were willing to oppose the Negromnium rush.

Seeking the mine in a long forgotten region, the competing forces struggled for every piece of information they could get and every track that might lead them to their goal. The Squats were able to collect information from a downed aircraft pilot, and confront it with those the chief of a local primitive tribe gave them, and soon got to the mine.

Only to discover that the NeoSoviet Politburo intelligence had preceded them !

Duchesse, who had been plotting Kommander Grigor Ontsatiev’s demise for long, used the so-called genetic instability of his army of clone troopers as a last minute excuse to do a political purge and get all the benefit of his search. Stabbed in the back by his own camp, Grigor was the only one to survive the Politburo’s trap.

Using her belt to hold together her skull split by Grigor’s Big Jo MkII pistol, Duchesse emerged victorious but didn’t have enough time to set another trap for the squats.

While Rednecks and Wurstlanders were still trying to get rid of the Ghosts of Negromundheim defending the mine’s entrance, furious gunfights took place in mine’s galleries.

It was eventually the Squats who took control of the mine, and loaded the precious Negromnium cargo on board of the Veh Deh Merd Express, an entirely automated super-high-speed train, sustained and protected by a powerful electromagneticomagic field designed centuries ago to convoy negromnium ore from the southern deserts to the northern cities.

Unfortunately for them, a rampaging Zookoo mob managed to hijack the train and flee with its precious cargo.

As the mutant primitives were riding back to their radioactive jungle, something unexpected happened.

The Veh Deh Merd Express stopped suddenly a few minutes after it started, and after some investigation, it appeared its main power source was out. Unfortunately for the Zookoo survivors, their pursuers hadn't given up – now, an ultimate confrontation was unavoidable.

Just as if the heavy casualties incurred within the ranks of the six forces weren’t enough, Semi-Demon-God Totzupaqatl emerged from the command centre to defend its territory.

Oh the Humanity !

Thanks to the unexpected intervention of the eerie Ghost of Nature, who appeared to prevent the forces of Negromundheim from causing another ecological disaster, Zookoo WarChief Bulu-bulu managed to get rid of the mutant freak and the remaining opposition, start the train again, and take the Negromnium cargo to the Zookoo jungle where it would be buried under the benevolent protection of the Great Totemic Banana.

Sure, the Squats were the undisputed masters of the Negromnium mine. But the first cargo they extracted was lost, and it soon became very unlikely that there would be another one, as their greed not only endangered them, but the whole planet – if not the universe !

As private Bob Regis opened the door to Hell itself, its rampaging abominations spread across the land, dealing death and desolation. As long as the door to Hell remains open, the evil they had unleashed would be growing more powerful.

The Iron Dream is broken. Now, for the peoples of Negromundheim, it’s not about power, domination or wealth anymore. It’s about survival. As hell is slowly engulfing their world, the battle they now have to fight could well be the last one.

Only if they can pass this ultimate trial, they will be able to reach once again the Iron Dream.

Make it true.

Live it.


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