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In the turmoil that ended the negromnium rush, and although the Veh-Deh-Merd Express was successfully brought back in service after 200 years of abandon, its first cargo of the precious ore was lost.

And there will be no other.

What the squats now control is a mine infested with the creatures that hell unleashed through the door they carelessly opened. Hordes of rampaging demons now spread across the surrounding deserts and plains, dealing death and destruction. Once again, greed and lust for wealth could cause the nations of Negromundheim’s demise.

The legions of hell march on Negromundheim

The Ancients of the squat Consortium were the first to be informed of the situation; their mistake was to underestimate it and fall into the same pit as ever: the mine they spent so much effort conquering shall be theirs, period. The only plan they came up with was sending more troops to secure it for once and for all.

Meanwhile, Duchesse's personal shuttle was landing at New Anadyr's airport. Grigor Ontsatiev's soon followed. Duchesse's report arrived on the desk of the Comrade First Secretary at 10:15. Grigor Ontsatiev's at 10:20. But nobody cared anymore about their apparatchik quarrels. Brought before the supreme soviet, they were offered a simple choice : Gulag or hell.
"Hell !" they both replied.

At 13:30, a red phone rang in the office of the commander in chief of the armies of New Heldon, Reichsmarschall Sigfried Von Sylboudöring. A long call from Grigor Ontsatiev - charged to the recipient.

When Von Sylboudöring hung up, he already knew that no agreement signed with the Neosoviet Empire could last longer than the time it takes for the ink to dry. And that his old enemies had no philanthropic intentions. If even the scientific elite of the Sons of the Zwastika had thought of exploiting the military resources of hell, it is very likely that a superpower with a fainter sense of ethics had had the same idea.

Everywhere else on Negromundheim, the reaction to the news was proportioned to the distance from the infernal menace: the sultanate of the Star and the Moon is on the first line. Its mujahidins, aware that their superiority in a desert battlefield was useless against opponents from another dimension who get neither tired nor thirsty, entrenched themselves behind the walls of their city; the skaviets, who had been reported to operate in association with the Neosoviets, were ready to defend by the gun the wonders of socialist revolution against the imperialism of hell ; harangued by their fanatic preachers, Rednecks built more traps, and erected more barbed-wire fences to protect their cattle.

In Megapolis, though, the news was rather welcomed : economic newspaper "New Forbes" cheered the arrival of potential new customers on Negromundheim. And after all, any war is good for business. The directing manager of a small video game company even found in the situation the inspiration for his next product.

In the heights of Hive Primus, imperial governor Hyeronimus was rubbing his hands. No matter the outcome of the upcoming war, the other nations would end up terribly weakened, offering the Imperium the oppportunity to present itself as an ultimate resort for the inhabitants of Negromundheim, and maybe to seize control of the whole planet once again. Hyeronimus therefore sent a hypocritical message of support to the leaders of the other nations - but his troops would not move, sorry.

The door to hell had now been open for four days. In the heart of Veh-Deh-merd, the citadel of Evil, The Council of the Wise gathered in haste. The meeting was tense. Some Doms proposed to negotiate an alliance with hell but others estimated that the Circle of New Mankind had no interest in that option. More than ever, Veh-Deh-Merd was isolated and for the first time, divided and in a weak position.

In the radioactive jungle near the ancient ore mine, Zookoo shamans perceived the signs of the upcoming disaster when a supernatural storm ravaged their village, and thunder struck the totems of the Sacred Banana and of the Golden Duck. But for the valiant tribal warriors, shrinking away from the evil spirits was out of the question. Everywhere on the planet, similar supernatural phenomena happened as the creatures from hell, bringing their own reality along, distorted the very nature of space and time and exerted unbearable dimensional pressure.

A lone hero facing the abominable zoubizous at the top of their unholy interdimensional temple

Absurd rumours began to spread : some said that an ancient prophecy announcing the opening of the door to hell was rediscovered. According to this prophecy, the only key to close it is the mythical pistachio diamond that was lost hundreds of years before in the delta of Glouglou river. It immediately made brave explorers and cynical treasure hunters start expeditions to find the artefact, in spite of the dangers of the radioactive jungle and the swamps of the delta.

In their secret underground base, the Doom Space Marines Corps got ready to deploy. For two hundred years, they’d been watching, waiting for what they’d been trained for: to push back all demonic invasion. Only them have a real knowledge of their opponents and they were ready to roll.

Agent Blaskowitz of the Doom Space Marines

In the night of the fourth to the fifth day, in the heart of the forest surrounding Mount Copplestone, a strange sphere of electricity appeared. From a dark and desperate future in which the forces of hell have taken over Negromundheim, the most advanced type of worminator the worms had ever built, the W-X, headed East. It was faster. More intelligent. More powerful. It was designed for extreme combat. And it was sent with one purpose.

To kill them all.


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