Some protagonists of the


The Good Guys


Once a simple gulag metal worker in Ontsatiev's home province, Youri was used as a guinea pig in an experiment. The pill he ingested, containing traces of Negromnium, was supposed to immunise officers against the devastating effects of Negrototane, the mutogenic gas likely to be breathed in lethal quantities in the area surrounding the door to Hell. Instead, it turned him into a steel-muscled colossus – the first known Child of Negromnium. When he witnessed the effects of the change, Kommander Ontsatiev immediately decided to enlist him.

Kommander Grigor Ontsatiev / Uber Ontsatiev

Undeniably the most battle-hardened officer in the NeoSoviet regular army, Kommander Grigor Ontsatiev has a long story of heroic, but mostly anti-heroic feats behind him. More than the countless campaigns he took part in, it is the number of plots and conspiracies orchestrated by the highest-ranking members of the Army and the Party to which he survived that makes his career exceptional. After losing the precious Negromnium campaign to the Squat Consortium, both he and Duchesse were confronted with the same choice: Gulag or Hell. As they both chose Hell, Ontsatiev was assigned to the leadership of the Neo Soviet strike force against the armies of Hell, while Duchesse was sent to seek the diamond Pistachio. Before setting out to the Door of hell, he ingested the same pill as Youri, hoping it would grant him similar powers...


Duchesse is the youngest Politburo Captain ever - and the only woman to reach that rank too. A powerful psychic and an impressively accurate shooter, she is notably thought to guide her shots thanks to her telekinetic abilities. Those (and her gorgeous looks!) also contribute to make her the most valuable investigator in the Politburo. Her plot against Ontsatiev during the Negromnium campaign eventually failed, with dramatic consequences (or so the Party, who had approved her plans, said) and she also chose Hell rather than gulag. She was therefore sent to the Radioactive jungle where she is to rendez-vous with a first politburo expedition to seek the diamond Pistachio, reportedly the only key that would let mankind close the Door of Hell from the outside.

Agent Blaskowitz

Agent Blaskowitz is considered humanity’s finest warrior by the Doom Space Marine Corps he belongs to. Whoever has fought alongside with him and survived will spend hours telling the unbelievable feats he is capable of when he is unleashed onto the battlefield. When his superiors called him back to Negromundheim, he was in an extermination mission on nearby planet Copernicus – when he was told he would be fighting Hell this time, he just spat out the alien queen’s throat and said: "Oh, again. I hope it’s not any Hell you’re calling me for ?"

The W-X

The W-X is the most advanced type of worminator ever built by the descendants of the worms. Sent back across time to help them the greatest threats of all, it is faster, more intelligent and more powerful than any other previous model. Coming from a dark and desperate alternate future of Negromundheim in which the forces of Gothic Hell have taken over the planet, it was specifically designed to make its way to the door to hell, close it and pull up the fight into hell - and beneath - at the sacrifice of its own life if necessary.

Loco Weed & co.

"Loco Weed" Payne Bishop (middle) is a respected mercenary squad leader, well known for his exemplary behaviour against the skaviets (ie, he killed lots of them) during the last unsuccessful assault on Skavietcity.
His best element, Corey "Evil Tracker" Foster (right) is as hungry for glory and wealth as him – but he has a soft spot for wealth.
Last but not least, Kenneth "Misfire" Darknugget is a sergeant in the regular army. He was in the Negromnium mine, shaking his head in disapproval, when private Bob Regis had the unfortunate idea to open the door to Hell. He has only had one purpose since that day: to get out of that goddamned planet ! But he was told he couldn’t. Meh.


The Bad Guys

Cyber-Arch-duke Jakar Nilson

Cyber-Duke Jakar Nilson has been ruling over Gothic Hell for eternity, and people who’ve known him tend to agree on the fact that is quite a grumpy person, especially when there are draughts in his place. Every time a silly bugger opens the door to Gothic Hell, Jakar Nilson will send out his hordes of demons and want to kill everything.

Baron J.Kaar'Mak

Though not obvious, Baron Jon Kaar'Mak is amongst the most powerful demons serving under Cyber-Arch-Duke Jakar Nilson. A lazy and boastful greater demon, he rules over the lower levels of Gothic Hell (namely : the abandoned mines, the blood falls, the monster condo, the spirit world and the living end) but spends most if his time on the shores of hell, surfing, drinking Margarita cocktails and dating cute succubuses in bikini. Nonetheless, he's a mighty warrior who can transform in only 0.05 seconds into a heavily armoured fight-killing machine armed with a devastating BFG 9000. Assigned to the control of the doors to Gothic Hell, he was also thereby the keeper of the diamond pistachio until he lost it during a beach volley game. The diamond – allegedly the only key to close the doors of hell from the outside - then fell into a space-time-warp corridor thingy and re-appeared on Negromundheim in the middle of the southern radioactive jungle.

Baron J.Rom'Ro

When Baron J. Rom'ro is bored in Gothic Hell (ie, most of the time), he collects souls, paints them an ugly green, then parades with them on Sundays or important occasions. Apart from that and drinking beer, he doesn't do much, which explains his large belly.
His favourite hobby is still destroying stuff, though, but opportunities are too scarce. He likes to just go out and blast, crush, dismantle, stomp what's on its way, especially if it makes funny squeals in the process. No wonder he's been rubbing his hands since the door of Hell has been opened.


And here's to you Mrs Robinson : The guest stars

The Crocodile-King is the legendary player who led the Negromundheim Yankees to victory in the Intergalactical Baseball Championship for 62 years in a row. Owner of the last Louisville Slugger "Di Maggio", he's famous for his record - unbeaten to this date - of 187 consecutive sure hits. At the apogee of his glory, no one in the intergalactical league would have dared challenge his title of "surest hitter of all times". No player was faster, more accurate and more powerful, as he able to send balls up to distances of three to five kilometres away with his fabulous bat.
Humiliated by the defeat of the Yankees against the Golgomundheim Clippers in 40.992, the Crocodile King retired to the radioactive jungle of Negromundheim, where he was from and where he began his career, to get back to training, anxious to retrieve "the Crocodile's Eye of the Tiger".
Rumours have it that the Crocodile-King is now ready to get back to the competition and that he firmly intends to take his revenge on Martine.

Best hitter of the Golgomundheim Clippers, Martine is a young baseball prodigy. Though she's far from being as talented as the crocodile-king to whom she often is compared, she has nothing to envy him in terms of brute strength, as she can hit balls at speeds greater than 250 miles per hour. During the finals of the Intergalactical championship in 40,992, Martine managed to make more sure hits than the crocodile-king, thanks to which the Clippers won the match by one point, and put an end (or so it was believed at this time) to his career.


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