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As you may have guessed, the Iron Dream Tournament V will be based on the mythical video games Doom and Doom II. We could not but celebrate this event by building a special level for Doom II based on the background of the Iron Dream Tournament V.

To play this special level designed for up to 4 players, you will need a copy of Doom II (it will not work with Doom). Simply copy the idt5.wad file (downloadable here) in your Doom II directory. At DOS prompt, type :

doom2 -file idt5.wad

Many softwares like Doomsday, Doom Legacy or Boom "encapsulate" Doom II to make it run in Windows environment and make this easier. There are also numerous websites dedicated to this good old game that will help you if you're not familiar with .wad files.

Of course, this is not a professional-quality level for Doom II and many things could be improved in it. It is just a way for us to let everyone take part in the Iron Dream Tournament V in some way. Anyway, enjoy the game !

Remember that Gothic Hell is not your usual everyday hell. It's real hot down there. If you manage to go through this level, kill Cyber-Arch-duke Jakar Nilson, get down to the caves of Gothic Hell and kill barons J.Kaar'Mak and J.Rom'Ro, you too will have proven


(And, by the way, will you recognize the music ?)


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