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...a lost planet colonised and abandoned long ago by the Empire of Man. Colonisation was quick and chaotic, and extraterrestrial and human populations are at best gathered in parodies of city-states of various levels of technological advancement, more frequently in tribes. There may be some nomads, but they prefer to rely on their capacity to live as parasites on other micro-societies rather than on their neighbour's hospitality.

Every colony is submitted to the extortion of armed gangs, or to the necessity of defending itself against them.Those colonies were most of the time settled upon criteria of race, origin, or religion, as mysticism and even the most ludicrous beliefs are firmly implanted in a world where many are those who don't know who they can trust, and in which only group cohesion can ensure the survival of the individual.

That is why more than 1000 God-Emperors (or equivalent title) are currently ruling over the explored and "civilised" territories of Negromundheim. This emphasis on identity is the source of many tensions between tribes & city-states, of course, which more often than not end up in bloodshed.

A view of Negromundheim
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The Old People of Negromundheim

Originally an Imperial colony, the population of Negromundheim was abandoned by its rulers when the Cataclysm was announced. But the planet was not destroyed as it was supposed to be, and two centuries later, there is still a strong resentment against the Imperial authorities. Although the Empire disregards Negromundheim itself, for it represents no wealth to them in itself, they visibly show particular interest in the meteor and its effects on nature.

Now a mere shadow of its former self, the Empire is still a force to be reckoned with - not as much because of its numbers, which are very limited, as because of its impressive technology and military organisation. The Empire however always tries to act unnoticed or to intervene through mercenary forces, for deserting the planet and abandoning the population to what was supposed to be total annihilation, made them rather popular, to say the least. That's why upon coming back to Negromundheim, the imperial mission faced a fierce hostility and had to recon with new forces : the Neo-Soviet Empire, the Kingdom of New Heldon, and the "Free Peoples".

Officially built as a reaction to the excesses of the imperial dictatorship, the Neo-Soviets Empire was founded by a group of ex-imperial officers who tried to save their butts by making demagogical promises to the angry crowds. Following the ever-successful principles of National-Communism (brutality, brainwashing, popular disinformation and opportunism), the Neo-Soviet war-machine has grown into one of the most impressive and efficient forces on the planet.

Established on the most beautiful lands of Negromundheim (ie, those that were spared by the meteor), The Kingdom of New Heldon is said to be the refuge of True Men from all over the planet and the champion of genetic purity. Ruled following the imperial model, it is however totally self reliant and only accepts its sovereign's authority. It is now at the core of The New Dawn League, an alliance dedicated to the extermination of all that's not true-mankind - a notion which they define very flexibly. The filthy Mutants, of course, as well as the Neo-Soviet mongrels are much hated among the league, although some of its leaders don't hesitate to use similar means.

Lost among those rising empires, the Free Peoples of Negromundheim are a federation of tribes and independent cities who want to keep away from any of the major powers of Negromundheim or were simply rejected by them. Their military organisation is quite diverse, but is generally rather poor.

The New Denizens of Negromundheim

Year 204 after the Meteor. From the ashes of the cataclysm rose lost and despaired survivors. The period which is referred to as the dark age of Negromundheim is the one when those poor souls founded new social groups - more often than not in bloodshed. That period is now over and from the multitude of tribes and city-states, several factions have now established a considerable area of influence, at least according to local standards.

Cities and lands ruled by the Corporation are mostly dedicated to money-making and have been undergoing extensive growth these last few years. The Philanthropic Space Guild of the Benevolent Merchants has been investing a lot of credits in their colony, firmly believing that Negromundheim is a place of dime-and-control-free exchange which can be profitably exploited. To that purpose, however, they must keep control over their area, or even further extend it, so as not to scare away commercial partners and potential investors. Huge amounts of credits have been spent for the military, and the Corporation is potentially one of the most powerful armies on Negromundheim, with a rock-solid organisation.

The same could be told of "The Consortium", a huge gathering of squat companies which have built their colonies on Negromundheim for "business purposes", bringing with them their armies of short-legged-but-hard-skulled mercenaries.

Both are however challenged by the Ben Yul clan, a powerful royal family with the same aims. Sultan Sahab Ben Yul, though he has not declared himself an opponent either to the Corporation or to any political entity on Negromundheim, has sent a large contingent of his personal army to secure "his" share of land.

As great minds think alike, Alien investors have also set up a colony – but they did so with much more caution, only sending a few colons to get some land. Colonies from Kakak, Hastasiempre, & Ventaura soon merged to create a single entity, the Happy Friendly Non-Human Federation, under Ventauran leadership. Sylboudcity has become a huge marketplace for adventurers, bootleggers & rogue traders alike ; there you can buy nearly anything - including armies, for Hastasiemprite are known to be some of the most ruthless mercenaries in the universe. There are a few Orks in Sylboudcity, but they tend to regroup in Adamsk and Zugrubburg and to not give a damn about the Federation. Little by little, however, the non-human populations expended their borders and settled nearby human colonies, which is more often than not considered a provocation in spite of the Federation’s many demonstrations of friendship, too often misunderstood by the primitive human population. For example, Hastasiemprites had to exterminate a whole village because the local - and certainly racist - humans were offended that a Hastasiemprite major peed in their well - "a very common and friendly practice on Hastasiempre", said the major.

Mercenary corps flocked towards Negromundheim as they saw in this war-torn planet an opportunity not only to make money, but to establish a settlement in its solar system with relatively little trouble (considering they are often outlawed elsewhere, and there is no law on Negromundheim). Many mercenary companies therefore have garrisons or just representatives on Negromundheim, which is considered a mercenary market by outsiders.

There are still, however, some yet-unexplored areas on Negromundheim; for those factions, though they control most of the known land, are still far from being what common sense would call "impressive forces" and still have limited transport and exploration capacities. That's why it would be an illusion to claim perfect knowledge of the planet, all the more as new armed groups or even races emerge regularly, like the dreaded Turnids from the Dark Forest, or Dr Stein's funny creatures.

Veh-Deh-Merd - The capital of Evil

A rotting, bloated, gooey cancer oozing with pus, Veh-Deh-Merd has been devouring the very heart of Negromundheim since the time of the Great Cataclysm.

Commonly referred to as 'the Capital of Evil' by True Men, it also does have that function within the Circle of New Mankind (CNM), a political and military entity officially dedicated to the "improvement of humanity's biological configuration" - which a nice way of calling the protection of the nauseating mutant abominations, and the strife for further deterioration of the once-human gene-pool of the population it federates. Every day, the "Assembly of the Wise", a foul bunch of heartless Dominators (mind-controlling mutant psychics), meets. During those daily gatherings, after ritually licking their fellow-Dominators' unclean bottom, the infamous creatures plan the doom of the whole planet ; after which they part and dream of absolute power and devilish betrayal – for every Dominator within the Assembly has his own personal army of brainless abominations.

While all over Negromundheim, True-Men are fighting and struggling to prevent the population from becoming an aggregate of abhuman rubbish, mean and degenerate creatures are secretly plotting the ultimate pollution of its human gene-pool.

When hordes of hydrocephalic mutant zombies confront in a orgy of blood, drool and excrement to determine which abominable monster among them will be the fittest to lead the others to victory against True Mankind, by exterminating all pure beings from Necrobutchergrad and Zugrubburg to New Heldon, it is a clear sign that Veh-Deh-Merd, the capital of evil, is becoming a serious threat.

When filthy mutants, whose only occupation was until then to feed, defecate, and multiply, now march hundreds of kilometres behind the red flag of the mutant rebellion against the diktat of natural law, and develop their inherent ferocity by some sort of morbid emulation, we may wonder why the other denizens of Negromundheim don’t just commit suicide.

Be it represented by the organised gangs of Mutosville, the blindly ferocious hordes of the radioactive wastelands, or the foul and creeping mobs of Veh-Deh-Merd, the International of abhumans does exist ; it is as ugly and nauseating in body as it is mean and primitive in mind. That community doesn’t lack dynamism nor energy ; its rock-solid cohesion and solidarity in fierce stupidity, and thereby its fitness to survival, are to that respect an example to all the races on Negromundheim

The major forces of Negromundheim

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