The armies of Negromundheim

Negromundheim is a violent planet where the population is divided into innumerable factions, kingdoms and empire. Each has its own armies, its own goals and its own vision of what Negromundheim should be or not be, though, in a general way, the main purpose of each one is to exterminate every others due to what sociologists call the Because-You-Are-Not-Like-Me Syndrom. However, as no force has proven to be strong enough to do this alone until yet, all kind of alliances can happen. The only exception is that no one, for all the wealths in the universe, would ever ally with the evil mutants from the infernal necropolis of Veh-Deh-Merd. For they are an abomination and a terrible threat for all pure creatures living on the surface of Negromundheim, whether they are humans, orks, squats, or of any other race. No one would ever dare to think of even approach such hellish, stinking and infect beings.

There will be more force structures added in the future and the ones that are already avaible will be constantly updated with new units, more pics of minis or possibly slight changes. In a general way, all our armies are playtested although - there is the fundamental advantage of the WarEngine system - we can add new units or characters simply because, well, we have the minis and we want to play with them ! As a matter of fact, that is the core reason of the very existence of Negromundheim. So if you have your own army lists, the minis to play with, pics of your minis and if you want to send them fighting for the domination of Negromundheim, send us your creations !

For each force structure, we have added a few pics of our minis to illustrate them ; besides, you can find much, much more pics of the armies played during the Iron Dream Tournaments in the dedicated sections of this website.

To come soon :

  • Battle Sisters Force Structure
  • Chaos Force Structure
  • Hell Force Structure
  • Gangers' Force Structure
  • New Heldon Force Structure
  • Ventauran Force Structure
  • Swamp Things Force Structure
  • Turnides Force Structure
  • Nazi Ogres From Hell Force Structure
  • Martians Force Structure
  • Mutants Force Structure
  • Hastasiemprites Force Structure
  • Free People Force Structure

You will note that some of these force structures list vehicles that use the homegrown tweak "transport". Though using transport vehicles in skirmish games is questionable, we would be glad to hear what your opinion and your experience with it. Here are the rules.

+2 Transport
  Type : L, M, H only
Unless other tweaks, this one can be taken more than one time and a vehicle or a monster with it can carry one mini per selection. The vehicle can be deployed separately from the transported unit(s). To embark in the vehicle, troops must be in base to base contact with it during the follow up step. When they disembark, troops are re-deployed in base to base contact with the transport during the follow-up step, and both the transport and the unit(s) that were transported then act independently during their next activations. If transport is destroyed, troops inside it must make a DEF check: on a result of 10 or more, they survive ; otherwise they're destroyed.


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