Shub-Niggurath Force Structure
When a copy of the Negronomicon was discovered in 205 in the galleries running underneath the Monastery housing the Desert Dogs Mercenaries' headquarters, a powerful spell was cast, which opened a dimensional portal for a spawn of Shub-Niggurath and its demonic servants. The Desert Dogs were either slaughtered or turned into angry cannibals entirely devoted to the Witch Queen.
Little time afterwards, an investigation mission sent by the Star & Moon never came home, except for a few survivors gone mad. That, and the rumours spread by the sand men soon made several nations send their own expedition. Although none of them managed to recover the Negronomicon, the Jones sisters, hired by the NeoSoviet Politburo, managed to tear off page 666, thus depriving the forces of Shub Niggurath of what appeared to be one of its most important pages.
In the days following the withdrawal of all forces from the Desert of Blood, the Army of the Witch Queen began its march on the city of the Star & Moon.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath
Veterans of the campaign for the Negronomicon described a sort of eerie slimy green tomato with tentacles leading its soldiers of darkness from the distance.

Qty PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
1 100 Spawn C 3" 4k4 6k5 10"

Spawn Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  16 Tentacles   0" 2k2 3x CC
  26 SP: See the future   0" 4k3 - -
  51 SP: Teleport   30" 4k3 - -
  46 SP: Illusionary swarm   30" 4k4 - -
  43 SP: Terror   30" 4k4 - -


The soldiers who survived the dimensional incident were quickly overwhelmed with black magic; the Spawn of Shub Niggurath fed upon their souls and turned them into mindless cannibalistic creatures.

Qty PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
3-8 24 Shubugrunt T 9" 3k2 3k3 0"
0-1 28 Shubucorporal T 9" 3k2 3k3 5"
0-1 36 Shubusarge T 9" 3k2 3k3 5"
Inspiring example

Shubugrunt Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  6 Brawling   0" 2k1 - -
  28 Assault rifle   24" 3k2 - -
  61 HMG   30" 3k2 3x Bu
Piercing attack, Move or fire
  36 Lascarbine   30" 4k3 - -
  42 Flamer   12" 3k2 3x Bu
Piercing attack
  41 Grenade Launcher - Krak   18" 4k3 - -
    Grenade Launcher - Frag   18" 3k2 2x Ex


Called from a parallel dimension by their mistress, the Ogres of Shub Niggurath are towering masses of muscle and steel, and Her favourite storm troops.

Qty PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
2-7 40 Ogre E 9" 4k3 4k4 0"
0-1 42 Ogre leader E 9" 4k3 4k4 4"

Ogre Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  22 Chainsaw   0" 3k2 2x CC
Highly accurate, Piercing Attack
  38 Grenade Launcher - Krak   18" 3k3 - -
    Grenade Launcher - Frag   18" 2k2 2x Ex


Grunts by GW; Ogres by Heresy Miniatures. Spawn of Shub Niggurath by RAFM. Quake-style Shamblers could be represented by Yetis or VOR Whitetusk bulls, and Fiends by GW Genestealers. Special character "The Great Schmoogloo" by Superfigs.


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