Skaviet Force Structure
The skaviets (or tunnel rats) seem to be present all over the planet and their population is hard to evaluate. They excel at lightning raids from the sewers and other underground nets, and are very capable thieves, merchants, and saboteurs. As such, they are an asset for Veh Deh Merde, and Skaviet Broodlords are particularly regarded by Dominators.
Skaviets have also been seen fighting for Neo-Soviet officers and ETs, though such reports are very rare.
New Heldon considers them as serious and therefore particularly loathsome opponents, for Skaviets not only multiply quickly, but they choose their side wisely, and seem capable of getting whatever weapon they want through theft or commerce.


Skaviet Broodlord
Broodlords generally dwarf other skaviets ; their toughness and viciousness made them the natural leaders of the rat broods. Their tactics always rely on stealth, speed and fear to win battles.

Qty PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
1 51 Broodlord C 12" 3k3 4k3 6"
Ballsy, Force Leader

Broodlord Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  20 Close Combat Weapon   0" 3k2 2x CC
Higly accurate
  24 Pistol   18" 3k2 - -


Skaviet troopers
Individually, Skaviets are poor and cowardly fighters that will rout whenever the odds are against them and the intimidating presence of their broodlord is far enough from them. However, when they have the opportunity to swarm upon their enemy and get a few exciting and risk-free kills, they show particular ferocity and meanness.

Qty PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
1-2 16 Skaviet leader T 12" 2k2 2k2 4"
Poorly trained
5-10 14 Skaviet T 12" 2k2 2k2 0"
Poorly trained

Skaviet Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  6 Brawling   0" 2k1 - -
  8 Close Combat Weapon   0" 2k2 - -
  18 Handgun   12" 2k2 - -
  20 Botpistol or Shotgun   12" 3k2 - -
  22 SMG   18" 2k2 - -
  24 Boltgun   18" 3k2 - -
  26 Assault rifle   24" 2k2 - -
  40 Flamer   12" 3k2 3x Bu
  49 Meltagun   12" 4k4 2x Li



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