Worms Force Structure
The Worms are an arising force on the plains of Negromundheim but have already proven to be powerful fighter and a terrible menace to deal with. Armed with a wide variety of sometimes very weird weapons, they claim to be the only true native sentient creatures on the planet, and thus, their goal is simply to sweep all they see as invaders from it. As for yet, their main challengers are the skaviets who fight them bitterly for the control of the undergrounds.


Worms usualy fight in teams of four including a leader known as the first worm.

Qty PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
1 33 First Worm E 6" 3k2 4k3 4"
Ballsy, Tough
3-7 29 Worm T 6" 3k2 4k3 0"
Ballsy, Tough

Worms Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  10 Dragon Punch   0" 3k2 - -
  44 Flame Thrower   12" 3k3 3x Bu
  72 Missile Launcher   36" 3k2 3x Ex
  26 Uzi   18" 3k2 - -
  30 Shotgun   12" 3k2 2x Bu
  77 Advanced Missile Launcher (avaible to the first worm only) - Standard Missile   36" 3k2 3x Ex
    Advanced Missile Launcher - Homing Missile   36" 3k2 3x Ex
One shot, Highly Accurate



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