05/08/05 - 05/08/07 near Versailles (France)

Scary events have been reported from the Desert of Blood. Rumours have it that a copy of the Negronomicon has been found by local mercenary legionnaires, who have since then been unheard of. It is well-known that several factions of Negromundheim are secretly attempting to develop such a fearsome weapon by themselves, despite the pressure of the international community, but none of them believed a genuine copy of the Book of Darkness would re-emerge one day. If the rumour proved accurate, the nation that would lay their hands on it would be able to unleash the forces of darkness on whoever they want, and gain a decisive military edge on the other nations.

Copies of the unique map to the Shrine of the Negronomicon have already been sold to most of the major powers on the planet, and the nearby Star & Moon, the forces of which are thought to have already explored the site, have withdrawn their troops from the conflict against Veh Deh Merd, and are reinforcing the defences of their city, preparing for a massive military affluence from all over Negromundheim.

Once again, a time of war and bloodshed has come and glorious armies are about to clash for supremacy on the war-torn world of Negromundheim, in an orgy of Darwin-awardesque destruction. It is now time for the world-famous Iron Dream Tournament III Titanium Edition !

The Iron Dream Tournament is an international (but mainly French) tournament gathering ShockForce/Warengine players from all over the world (but still mainly from France). No less than 6 mighty contestants ran this year's session with the sponsorship of HASSLEFREE MINIATURES !

A brief report of the tournament

A Grymns vs Worms battle report

HUGE mess of pics

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