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These pages (like everything else on this website) are constantly under construction and their content will grow as we will have more stuff to share.

As for you, you are invited to contribute: every army can find its way into Negromundheim and fight for its absolute domination ; new heroes can rise and claim their own empire ; so don't hesitate to get in touch with us and contribute to this website by sending your own force lists, pics, short stories or simply your ideas and suggestions. You have the power to change the fate of Negromundheim !


Here are a few scenarios we use for our Shockforce games. Most of them are very classical, but having them ready to print and share can always be useful. Feel free to email us with comments and your own (playtested) scenarios, of course.

Battle Reports

There you will find the Negromundheim storyline's evolution. It will be updated as campaigns are fought and Iron Dream Tournament results come out.
Results from players who decide to join in and send campaign reports and/or organise Iron Dream Tournaments will be included.
So be a hero and dare have an Iron Dream ! Email us the faction(s) you wish to join and your number of army points, join the campaign and change the fate of Negromundheim !

The Iron Dream Tournament II : Complete coverage
The Iron Dream Tournament III : Complete coverage
The Iron Dream Tournament IV : Complete coverage

The First Hive Secunduns incidents
Imperial law has been enforced in the Hive Secundus area, and much mutant blood was shed. After that initial success, Governor Hieronymus has sent more Hastasiemprite mercenaries to eliminate the mutant tribes south of the Imperial territories. Needless to say Veh Deh Merd is now very likely to retaliate, and the planet now holds her breath as other nations choose what position to adopt towards what could become a major conflict.

Enter the Legend of the Iron Dream Tournament

The principle of an Iron Dream Tournament is very simple : the idea is to play a tournament in which participating is a heroic act in itself and suffices to make every player enter the legend of Negromundheim. Winning is an option, of course, but the primary objective is to write the story of Planet Negromundheim, and have fun with your friends and armies of silly figs.

We feel the concept of a tournament with careless and silly conventions, though simple, is too often neglected. At least, when the conventions are purposedly careless and silly.
That's why we wanted to share our experience with you guys who don't want to have to wait until your local store organises a tourney of I Know Not What Game. You know, the one you occasionally play because most people in your area play it but none of them including you really likes.
You can organise a ShockForce/WarEngine "tourney", and get the thrill and excitement.
You don't have to worry about the prizes or about the organisation : Negromundheim will provide you with a background and a purpose ; all you need to do is to find the right people, the kind of people who will be happy enjoying their games and having the opportunity to speak rubbish for a day or two of WarEngine games ; the kind of guys who will do their best to bring silly stuff to show.
We will be pleased to provide you with the eternal glory of a worldwide coverage through this website.

For more information, check out the IDT conventions (pdf format) and/or contact us.


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