The heroes of Negromundheim

In such a dangerous place as Negromundheim, life is often exciting and stirring but rather short. In this world of endless war for supremacy, some individuals have distinguished themselves by uncanny talents, extraordinary powers, above-average fighting abilities, a will of iron or simply an incredible capacity to survive. Here are of few of these exceptional characters that (un?)lucky travellers could meet on Negromundheim and the list of the forces in which they can be included. Please note that some of those charachters can replace the normal leader of the army (if so, it will be specified in their description). If you choose to do so, they may buy the tweak "Force Leader" for +5 points.


Arch-Messiah of Defecation, The
The sinister character self-proclaimed "the Arch-Messiah of Defecation" is one of the most powerful and repulsive dominators in the CNM, and an influent member of the Assembly of the Wise, the political and military headquarters of the hated Veh-Deh-Merd. A towering living pile of excrement himself, the Arch-Messiah of Defecation strongly supports experiments on all sorts of organic refuse to develop new forms of superiorly nauseating human garbage. From his secret bunker deep under Veh Deh Merd, he has already plotted many traitorous attacks against true mankind and even his fellow mutant leaders. Although he has led his personal army of mutant mongrels many times, hardly anybody but the other upper-class Doms and mutant Generals know of his existence, for his dominance pattern is strong, and his army totally devoted to his protection.
Forces : CNM, Veh-Deh-Merd and other mutants.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  48 The Arch-Messiah of Defecation C 6" 3k2 4k4 10"

The Arch-Messiah's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  32 SP: psychic powers #1   0" 3k3 - -
Multiprofile, Invisibility
    SP: psychic powers #1   0" 3k3 - -
See the Future
  51 SP: psychic powers #2   30" 4k4 - -
Multiprofile, Illusionary Swarms
    SP: psychic powers #2   12" 5k5 - -
Sudden Conversion
  43 SP: Telepathic Command   36" 3k3 - -


Chainsaw Worm
Little is known about this mysterious worm and even his fellows fear him. Sometimes, when worms go to war, he appears from nowhere, his yellow chainsaw in his hands, ready to join them and enjoy the blood bath.
Forces : Worms

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  53 Chainsaw Worm C 6" 4k3 4k3 4"
Ballsy, Terrifying

Chainsaw Worm's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  20 Yellow Chainsaw   0" 4k4 - -
Extra Bite, Piercing Attack
  71 SP: Teleporter   LOS 4k3 - -


Corroder, The
The Corroder is a representative of Veh-Deh-Merdian authority over the southern wastes of Negromundheim. Although not a psychic himself, his awe-inspiring presence (and the horrible effects of his Toxic sprayer) has always been sufficient to ensure cooperation from the local mutant tribes, and his camp represents an interesting outpost in the CNM's net.
Forces : CNM, Veh-Deh-Merd and other mutants.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  40 The Corroder C 9" 3k3 4k3 5"

The Corroder's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  22 Chainsaw   0" 3k2 2x CC
Piercing Attack
  36 Toxic Sprayer   12" 4k3 2x Bu
    Toxic Sprayer - concentrated spray   12" 4k4 - -


Doomy, Sergeant Jim
A former sergeant in the imperial storm troopers, Jim Doomy is a monstrous ogryn totally loyal to Leana Leggy. His natural fighting abilities and, most of all, his imperial conditioning make him one of the most dangerous killing machines on Negromundheim. Having followed Leggy after her desertion, he is the second member of the Fantastic Four.
Forces : Imperium, Gangers (Sons of the Imperial Eagle). Jim Doomy can be included in a force only if Leana Leggy also is.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  68 Jim Doomy C 9" 5k4 4k3 0"
Ballsy, Frenzied, Hyperactive metabolism, Regeneration, Weapon Master

Doomy's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  21 Fist   0" 4k3 2x CC
  29 Ripper Gun   6" 3k3 3x Bu
Extra bite


A high-ranked officer of the Ultima Segmentum’s Imperial Politburo and a talented psyker, Duchesse always is on the side of Justice - and this means Justice with a capital 'J'. Wherever in the Segment she is sent to for "investigation", heads soon begin to roll - or explode. It is suspected that she works for the neosoviet politburo from time to time though it is impossible to know to what extent the imperial politburo and the neosov politburo are connected. She is the arch-enemy of Leana Leggy, having been commissioned to capture her.
Forces : Imperium (Duchesse can not be included in an imperial army if Leana Leggy is.) Neosoviet politburo (in this case, she can replace the colonel. Note that Duchesse can not be included in a "normal" neosov army.)

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  52 Duchesse C 9" 3k3 4k4 8"
Glory Hound, Vindictive, Lightning reflexes

Duchesse's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  14 Telekinetic punch   0" 3k3 - -
Extra bite
  36 Mind Blast   18" 3k2 - -
Mental Attack
  27 SP: Ivory Tower   12" 3k3 - -
Shield of God
  41 SP: Charm   18" 3k3 - -


Freddy is a sinister legend amongst the Worms. He usually fights with a metal claw though his main power is the terror he instils into the heart of his opponents.
Forces : Worms.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  63 Freddy C 6" 4k3 4k3 4"
Ballsy, Infiltration, Terrifying

Freddy's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  14 Freddy's Claw   0" 4k3 - -


Ghost of Nature (The)
As a life-bearing planet, Negromundheim is an ecosystem, and, like every ecosystem in the universe, it is alive itself - it was born, grows, gets old and is doomed to die one day or another. The difference between this ecosystem and others is that it has a conscience and that it manifests itself to mortals from time to time. Nobody knows if the Ghost of Nature, as it is generally called, was born with the Cataclysm, as the strangest of its consequences, or if the impact of the meteor has only awaken an entity that had been sleeping at the very heart of the planet for millenia. Anyway, from that day, the planet seems to react violently to the presence of unnatural and mutant creatures on its surface, exacty as a living organism reacts to the presence of a virus infecting its cells. And the Ghost is an antibody. She is an avatar, an embodiment of Nature. As a matter of fact, she actually probably IS Negromundheim.
Being a godlike entity, the Ghost of Nature cannot be killed, properly speaking. But inflicting her sufficient amount of damage can make her disappear temporarily to cure her wounds.
Forces : All except mutants. The Ghost of Nature only reluctanly accepts the presence of non-natives "natural" (that is, genetically stable) creatures on Negromundheim (like squats, orks and humans), but doesn't hesitate to help them in their fight against the mutants as they are her only real ennemies. She can be played in any army that doesn't include any mutant. She can be played ONLY if the opposing forces includes mutants.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  89 The Ghost of Nature C 18" 5k4 4k4 0"
Charmed, Dodge, Eagle eye, Flame Retardant, Flight, Hyperactive metabolism, Regeneration, Tough

The Ghost's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  26 Natural Injustice (The Mighty Left Fist of Nature)   0" 4k4 2x CC
Extra bite
  30 Natural Law (The Mighty Right Fist of Nature)   0" 6k5 - -
Armor piercing


Jones, Julianah & Sarah C.
Negromundheim is a planet with a very rich history and its grounds are full of ancient treasures and mysteries. Even more since the Great Cataclysm has destroyed or buried what used to be prosperous and wealthy cities. Not surprinsingly, there are many treasure hunters on Negromundheim who are always happy to join military expeditions, hoping to find valuable objects, and offering their knowledge and, at times, their fighting abilities to their employers. The Jones sisters, also known as "The Jones" are two of them - though they prefer the word "archeologists". They would work for whoever gives them the opportunity to explore ancient ruins and discover old artefacts.
The Jones sisters always act together as a normal single unit.
Forces : Any except Mutants, Turnides and Swamp Things.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  53 Julianah Jones (The Brain) E 9" 3k2 4k3 0"
Charmed, Infiltration, Lightning reflexes
  53 Sarah C. Jones (The Br...) E 9" 3k2 4k3 0"
Charmed, Infiltration, Lightning reflexes

The Jones Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  20 Whip (Julianah)   0" 2k2 - -
Entangling, Long
  30 Shotgun (Julianah)   12" 3k2 2x Bu
  10 Handguns at point blank (Sarah C.)   0" 3k2 - -
  18 Handguns (Sarah C.)   12" 2k2 - -


Le Pénitent Blanc (The White Repenter)
Le Pénitent Blanc is a priest who has gone mad long ago ; little is known about him, except he wanders across Negromundheim with a ragged mob of loonies visibly eager to meet a stupid death in battle. He will join any force he thinks pure of heart or needs help fighting the Devil. And up to now, only he knows who the Devil is.
Forces : Rednecks, Free People, SotZ, Corporation, Empire, Human mercenaries.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  59 Le Pénitent Blanc C 9" 2k2 5k5 7"

Le Pénitent Blanc's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  6 Slap on the face   0" 2k1 - -
  22 Shotgun   12" 3k2 - -
Piercing Attack
  23 SP: Shield of God   6" 3k3 - -
  31 SP: Incontrovertible Truth   18" 3k3 - -


Leggy, Commissar Leana
A former Imperial Commissar, Leana Leggy escaped the imperial justice and the certain sentence to death for a few... troubles mainly caused by her nymphomania and the murder of an highed-ranked officer. Followed by Sarge Jim Doomy and Paolo Potbelly she took refuge in the underworld of Hive Primus where she met Sigfried Von Sylboudöring and became the leader of the Fantastic Four.
Forces : Imperium (she can replace a standard commissar. Leana can not be included in an imperial army if Duchesse is.) Gangers (Sons of the Imperial Eagle. She can replace the leader if Sigfried Von Sylboudöring is not present.)

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  55 Leana Leggy C 9" 3k3 4k4 10"

Leggy's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  22 Powersword   0" 4k3 - -
Parry weapon
  20 Laspistol   12" 3k2 - -


The Mad Moo, OverTyrant of the Southern Wastes
Ruling over a disgusting mob of homeless mutants, the monster known as the Mad Moo has been spreading terror over the southern colonies for decades. It is almost sure that the freak is a mutant that was born with natural qualities for combat and was then surgically enhanced for military purposes – some even suspect that the job wasn’t done in Veh-Deh-Merd, but it is a product of Neo-Soviet science. Whatever its origins, the bloodthirsty beast has gathered its own little army and is now out of control, for even the Dominators have little grip on it and must negotiate its cooperation.
Forces : CNM, Veh-Deh-Merd and other mutants.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  48 The Moo C 9" 4k3 5k4 0"

The Moo's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  20 CC Weapons   0" 3k2 - -
Highly Accurate, Piercing Attack
  88 Twin Chainguns   24" 3k2 4x Bu
Highly Accurate


Morkuff the Merciless (also known as 'Hijack' Morkuff)
Second to Kaptin Gzav Norton and First Mate on the Maymushroom, Morkuff would be even more vicious, cruel and treacherous than his kaptin if it was possible (thanks to Gork and Mork, it isn't.) Known as a 'pirate-killing pirate' or 'hijacker' due to the habit of killing his own comrades for a few more teeth he is totally unreliable.
Forces : Orks, Ork freebooterz (replacing the First Mate. Only if Gazv Norton is the Kaptin.)

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  55 'Hijack' Morkuff C 9" 4k3 4k3 6"
Ballsy, Butthole seargent

Morkuff's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  32 Bolter   24" 3k3 - -
Extra bite
  26 Blood Sword   0" 3k3 2x CC
Long, Parry weapon
  36 SP: Treasure Chest   12" 4k3 - -
Fervor of the Righteous


M. Sanglier
M. Sanglier is thought to be a legend, an imaginary boogie-man hurling out of nowhere – and never for good. He is a sort of fatality, an embodiment of the absurdity of life on Negromundheim ; depending on his fantasy. he can appear anywhere and side with anyone ; he can be happy with simple nasty phone calls and dirty jokes, or pull out his monstrous shotgun for a brain-spurting fest.
Though no one believe in him until they have met him, whenever Monsieur Sanglier turns up, everybody will recognise him instinctively, for the terror he inspires cannot be matched.
Forces : Any except Turnides

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  38 M. Sanglier C 9" 3k3 4k4 0"

M. Sanglier's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  8 Slap on the Face   0" 2k2 - -
  32 Shotgun   12" 3k2 2x Li
Piercing Attack
  31 Terror   18" 3k3 - -


Norton, Admiral Gzav
One of the most famous and infamous pirate in the whole Ultima Segmentum, Kaptin Gzav Norton is well-known for his cruelty, his brutality and, most of all, his thirst for teeth. The undisputed leader of Norton's Gangstaz, he is also known for having led the Team That Tried The Break-In Of The Millenium on the second moon of Magdelon. Mainly based on Fountainhead, sixth moon of Bezak-IV, the Gangstaz regularly visit Negromundheim as it always is a good place for loots and a good fight.
Forces : Orks, Ork freebooterz (replacing the kaptin).

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  57 Kaptin Gzav Norton C 9" 4k4 4k3 7"
Ballsy, Weapon Master

Norton's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  22 Deluxe Powerfist   0" 5k4 - -
Extra-bite, Piercing attack
  68 Speshul Deluxe Kombi-Weapon   24" 3k3 2x Bu
    Speshul Deluxe Kombi-Weapon (Full Auto Mode)   12" 4k3 4x Bu


Nukem, Duke
Celebrated as one of the only redneck heroes to have made it to the video-game market, Duke is one of the most efficient non-human hunter around. Most of the time, he carries his faithful pistol and shotgun to deal with the alien maggots up close and personal.
Forces : Rednecks, Free People.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  45 Duke Nukem C 9" 3k2 4k4 4"
Ballsy, Bushwhacker, Sharpshooter

Duke's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  8 Ass kicking and bubble-gum chewing   0" 2k2 - -
  41 Shotgun / handgun   18" 3k2 2x Bu
Highly accurate, Piercing attack


Ontsatiev, Kommander Grigor
Comrade Kommander Ontsatiev has a long record of military and political victories, and is one of the Party’s most dedicated and influent mass-murderers. His campaigns, though the most man-expensive the Empire has known, have however been the most successful as well.
At least until the Farmlands campaign, Ontsatiev lead an impressive Neo-Soviet detachment into the agricultural region surrounding the remnants of Fanboyville in order to claim the local pig farms as the People’s property and turn the region into the largest Soviet kolkhoz. He failed, and this failure put him in a difficult position at the High Kommand, of which he used to be one the most influent members. He now seeks to recover his lost prestige and shut his opponents’ mouths up.
Forces : Neosoviets.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  70 Kommander Grigor Ontsatiev C 9" 3k2 5k4 10"
Butthole sergent, Force leader, Frenzied, sharpshooter, Tough

Ontsatiev's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  10 Close Combat Weapon   0" 3k2 - -
  24 Viper Pistol   18" 3k2 - -


Painkiller, Dr. Jimini
Jimini Painkiller is one of those guys you could believe they have lived a hundred lives : a former medical officer in the regular army of the Khandle brotherhood of Solurb Secundus and a brilliant neurologist, he is as well a great computer engineer and is regarded as the 'father' of Rynex, the most advanced artificial intelligence ever created for he has led the military project of its construction. Now more than 250 years old, Painkiller is supposedly nothing but a mere chairman honoris causa of Genocide Inc, a Military Consulting Company based on Solurb that he founded with his old comrade Dr. Samuel Stone. Actually, he still is the true leader of the company.
Forces : Any except Mutants, Turnides and Swamp Things. If Painkiller is included in a squat force, he can replace the warlord. Painkiller can not be played if the opposing force is a squat one as the ethical charter of Genocide Inc. forbid it.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  64 Jimini Painkiller C 6" 4k3 5k4 7"
Ballsy, Bushwhacker, Charmed, Frenzied

Painkiller's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  10 Bare hands   0" 3k2 - -
  44 The Golden Lasgun   30" 3k3 - -
Ignores Cover
  29 SP: Painkiller's medipack (combat drugs)   0" 4k3 - -
Multi-profile, Brute Strength
    SP: Painkiller's medipack   0" 3k3 - -


Potbelly, Paolo
A former sniper in the Imperial Guard, ratling Paolo Potbelly followed Leana Leggy and Jim Doomy, becoming the third member of the Fantastic Four. Coarse, boastful and obsessed with lust and food, he is nonetheless a formidably efficient sniper and an expert in the use of all kind of ranged weapons.
Forces : Imperium, Gangers (Sons of the Imperial Eagle.)

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  67 Paolo Potbelly C 9" 2k2 4k3 0"
Dodge, Eagle eye, Infiltration, Lurker, Sharpshooter, Sniper

Potbelly's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  6 Dagger   0" 2k1 - -
  43 Imperial Sniper's Rifle   36" 3k3 - -
Highly accurate, Move or fire, Piercing Attack, sniper's scope


San Josef
Comrade Josef died a hero at the battle of Isisakai, the outcome of which turned a federation of Neo-Soviet cities and tribes into an empire. Remembered as a superhuman, he led what was at the time a crowd of ragged soldiers to victory over the monstrosities of the ice lands, and crushed the local rebellion in the very heart of the city. Many are the exploits he, his bare hands and his iron will are credited.
The legend has it that he is immortal and can be called back from the People’s Heavens to help the Soviet people fulfil its glorious destiny, provided his holy balls are reunited again. Well, at least, so says the party propaganda.
Forces : NeoSoviets.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  72 San Josef C 4" 3k3 5k4 10"
Bushwhacker, Frenzied, Lightning reflexes

San Josef's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  17 Ata !   0" 3k2 2x CC
Piercing Attack
  102 Kamehameha !   30" 4k3 4x Li
Move or Fire


Stone, Dr. Samuel
Jimini Painkiller's old comrade and a former medical officer like him, now chairman of Genocide Inc. (though Painkiller is its true leader), Samuel Stone is not as good a fighter as his friend, but he is a very efficient doctor and a very efficient chairman. He usually stays in the offices of the company on Solurb to sort the papers (which lets Painkiller lead their mercenaries on the battlefield) but never says no when his friend needs him and his chainsword for a particular operation.
Forces : Any except Mutants, Turnides and Swamp Things. Samuel Stone can not be played if the opposing force is a squat one as the ethical charter of Genocide Inc. forbid it.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  45 Samuel Stone C 6" 3k3 4k4 6"

Stone's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  14 Chainsword   0" 3k3 - -
Extra bite
  20 Laspistol   12" 3k2 - -
  22 SP: Medipack   0" 3k3 - -


Tomane, Sheriff Roscoe P.
Sheriff Roscoe P.Tomane is the only non-clerical authority the pig breeders of the O’Donocul clan accept ; in times of great necessity, he has lead the honest farmers to war and is considered a hero blessed by Gawd. When he and his assistant patrol around the town, no mutie will ever show up, for the total absence of mercy with which he enforces his law is rightly feared among human and abhuman mongrels.
Forces : Rednecks.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  35 Sheriff Roscoe P. Tomane C 9" 2k2 4k3 5"
Ballsy, Frenzied

Roscoe's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  6 Brawling   0" 2k1 - -
  32 Shotgun / Handgun   12" 3k2 2x Bu
Piercing Attack


Van Halfling, Otto
Otto Van Halfling is one of the most famous abhuman bounty hunters (which doesn’t mean much, as abhumans are quite disregarded among the population). An itinerant mercenary, he is specialised in assassinations and the elimination of big creatures, which tend not to take him too seriously because of his ludicrous size. He is however armed with a powerful gun of Squat manufacture, which is referred to as “the executioner”, and is able to fire a hail of bullet or a single self-propelled perforating missile – ideal for troll or ogre hunting at short range.
Forces : Mutants, all human factions except the SotZ.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  42 Otto Van Halfling C 9" 2k2 3k3 0"
Lucky Bastard, Sharpshooter

Otto's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  4 Little Fists   0" 1k1 - -
  41 Executioner Pistol   18" 3k2 2x Bu
    Executioner Pistol (Killer-Bullet)   18" 4k3 2x Li
One Shot


Von Sylboudöring, Sigfried
The last but not least member of the Fantastic Four. Once a ganger with no ambition living in the underworld of Hive Primus, he became the leader of "The Sons of the Imperial Eagle", a gang of merciless dispensers of justice and slayers of mutants, thanks to the help of Leana Leggy soon after they met. A True Human amongst True Humans and a paragon of biological and spiritual perfection, Sigfried dedicates his life to fighting for everything that is True, Noble and Beautiful, against the hideous living lies the mutants and their supporters are.
Forces : Imperium, Gangers (Sons of the Imperial Eagle. In this case, Sigfried automatically replaces the leader.)

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  79 Sigfried Von Sylboudöring C 9" 4k3 4k4 10"
Glory Hound, Ballsy, Dodge, Lucky Bastard, Totem Leader

Sigfried's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  14 Close Combat Weapon   0" 4k3 - -
  22 Boltpistol   12" 3k2 - -
Extra Bite
  33 Pump Shotgun   12" 3k3 2x Bu


Warzaza (Colonel)
A former officer in the Star & Moon armed forces, Colonel Warzaza was turned into a totenkopf radioactive mummy in 205 after the meteor. As he was leading the search of the Desert Dogs base, with which all communications had been lost for weeks, he found the cause of all the trouble. As he carelessly laid his hands on the Negronomicon, a demonic servant of Shub-Niggurath consumed his soul and possessed his body. Obeying his demonic host, Colonel Warzaza then gathered worldly and undead forces to keep the Negronomicon and further the awakening of the Niggurii civilisation.
Forces : Shub-Niggurath.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  62 Colonel Warzaza C 9" 3k3 5k4 10"
Ballsy, Butthole sergeant, Hardcase, Sharpshooter, Vindictive.

Col. Warzaza's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  17 Melee   0" 3k2 2x CC
Piercing attack
  38 Niggurii Silver Machine Pistols of Doom   18" 4k3 2x Bu


Worminator (The)
Another of the weird spawns that the Worm race seldom produces, the Worminator is a frightful killing machine. Nothing is known about him except that he is nearly invulnerable and his six-tube rotary minigun is terribly efficient on the battlefield. Some say that he comes from a dark and desperate future of Negromundheim, sent by the worms to help their ancestors, though such a theory is a bit hard to believe.
Forces : Worms.

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  49 The Worminator C 6" 4k3 4k4 0"
Ballsy, Cybernetic, Eagle eye, Hyperactive metabolism, Tough

Worminator's Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  14 Headbutt   0" 4k3 - -
  62 Minigun   24" 3k3 3x Bu
Extra bite


X, Colonel
The creature known in Veh Deh Merd as "Colonel X" is a product of the Arch Messiah of defecation, a particularly well built goat-man which not only got excrement implants but underwent heavy chemical and neurological surgery ; a rumour among mutants even has it that its mind is that of a demon. He has been leading the mutant hordes of the Arch Messiah for several years now, and is rightly feared by those who have crossed its path... and lived !
Forces : CNM, Veh-Deh-Merd, other mutants

  PP Description T Mv Df Mn CR
  57 Colonel X C 9" 4k3 5k4 6"
Hyperactive Metabolism, Tough

Colonel X Arsenal
  WP Description   R AV AE AET
  17 Punch - Crunch - Dismember   0" 3k2 2x CC
Piercing Attack
  38 Lead Spitter   18" 3k2 2x Bu
Piercing Attack
  20 SP : Invigorate   0" 3k2 - -


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