07/19/04 - 07/22/04 Arras (France)


The Iron Dream Tournament opposes the greatest players from all around the world (Europe, U.S.A, Brazil, Tibet... mainly from France, though) in an orgy of destruction and mayhem for the ultimate control of Planet Negromundheim.

Games were played using Shockforce / WarEngine 2nd ed., and a variety of scenarios set in the storyline of Negromundheim. Armies involved include Squats, Orks, Neo-Soviets, Rednecks, Sons of the Swastika and Doom Space Marines.

First day report

Second day report

Third day report

The Iron Dream Tournament II Hall of Fame

The official IDT three-players game deployment method
(Adobe Acrobat file)

Conclusion & Thanks

Setting up an Iron Dream Tournament
Conventions & scenarios (Adobe Acrobat file)


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